Keystone Journeys is passionate about creating unique travel & inspired journeys to the world’s most amazing destinations. We are constantly looking to forge new ways of exploring and discovering the world – allowing you to visit and experience some of the most remote, and beautiful, regions on earth.

We journey to some of the most far flung corners of the planet and we craft experiences that provide amazing opportunities for you to connect with incredibly diverse places, cultures and people.

We believe that “travel is in the experience” and we love to engage with our destination. By focusing on meaningful travel experiences and the celebration of cultural heritage, you get to immerse yourself in ancient cultures, local communities and local customs. This in turn fosters appreciation, mutual respect and understanding.

We love travelling and are not afraid to steer away from the usual circuits in order to experience something far more rewarding. We have travelled from Africa to South & Central America and Mexico. We know India & Asia and Oceania. We have seen the Antarctica, and we have traversed the Silk Road.

A lot of what we offer are one-of-a kind experiences, along with scheduled small groups tours and itineraries we design just for you. We offer fully escorted tours, small group tours, tailor made & independent itineraries, unique travel and destinations in our Keystone Collection, small group Just for Women tours, tented safaris, family holidays, small ship expeditions, festival tours, train journeys and trekking.