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Keystone Journeys is passionate about making your travel memories be of remarkable places and authentic journeys. We specialize in unique travel options that span the globe – from Ushuaia to Kamchatka. We are a small company comprised of a dedicated group of people who draw on a huge collective global experience.


Keystone Journeys and our partners are literally paving the way to some of the most remote regions on Earth and we are crafting journeys that provide amazing opportunities to connect with incredibly diverse places, cultures and people. We take you to places where very few others have previously ventured.

We focus on meaningful travel experiences and the celebration of cultural heritage. We want you to immerse yourself in ancient cultures, local communities and customs, and develop appreciation, mutual respect and understanding. We truly believe that enriching travel experiences come from an understanding of place.

This website reflects decades of our own first hand travel and touring experience. We value the relationships we have built over the years with our fellow operators in Africa, South and Central AmericaSouthern Asia and Indo-China, Central Asia and the Polar Regions.  We surround ourselves with people and partners who share the same travel ethos – to offer amazing journeys and experiences to those who seek them out.

We will – along with our partners – continue to pioneer new & inspiring destinations, craft authentic journeys and adventures, and tailor new ways of discovering the world. We truly believe that wanderlust is a wonderful disease and for the lucky ones who get to act on that wanderlust, they can only be all the more enriched by it.