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As we are a small and personal company we handle your queries personally – from your initial request to your final booking. You will benefit from receiving practical advice and travel tips from our own personal experience.

We will not sugar coat the realities of certain destinations, we will not promise anything unattainable and we will not tell you something we do not know. Travel outside your normal day-to-day routine can sometimes be confronting, challenging and frustrating; we are here to provide you with the best possible advice – and insight – to ensure your choice is one that provides the best travel experience for you.

Keystone Journeys offers, and creates, unique, inspired and also totally personalized journeys and expeditions for very special travelers. We can help make the difference between a good trip and a truly extraordinary adventure.

We have a range of journeys on offer – something for everyone. Fully Escorted tours led by knowledgeable Keystone Journeys Tour Escorts to very exciting worldwide destinations; Unique Journeys & Adventures that allow you to experience life, not merely pass through it; Over 40’s Premium Overland Tours for the seasoned 40+ traveler looking for a more enhanced style of adventure experience – adventure by day, comfort by night; Small-Ship Cruises and Train Journeys where you can recapture the true spirit of travel; Pioneer Journeys where you will be among an elite group of intrepid travelers who are driven by a desire to discover a truly hidden corner of the world; Women Only Tours which are unique travel opportunities created specifically with women in mind; Trekking Tours, where you get an up-close view of the scenery as you travel through isolated areas and get a travel experience that is very different from that of other people; and our Tailor Made Journeys – where we will help you customize your perfect holiday and create an itinerary which reflects your vision, wants and needs.

We also offer a full range of Travel needs for those in New Zealand and Australia:

*Insurance - Part of your travel experience with us is heading into the unknown; so you need to be prepared. Travel Insurance is an expense no one wants to pay for and is something no one hope’s they will need. But it is an essential part of everyone’s trip. Travel Insurance covers you from the moment you purchase the policy, until the time you arrive back home. You will be covered for unexpected events beyond your control – including lost bags, medical costs, travel delays and more. Keystone Journeys provides travel insurance through our partner Allianz Global Assistance, the world’s largest insurance company with 28 global alert centres. Contact us for more information and full policy details.

*Professional Flight advice Partnerships with the major airlines means we can offer some of the best prices on flights for travel. Some of our destinations are quite tricky to get to, but we are on hand to iron out the niggly flight details for you.

*Visa and Passport advice - We can organise your Visas for you to just about anywhere in the world.

*Pre and Post Tour Accommodation - When booking your trip and flights, we can organise pre and post tour accommodation for you if you are planning on extending your trip, or if you will be arriving to your destination early.

All of our documents (Tour Itineraries, Travel Vouchers, Invoices etc) are sent via email. We do not send any paper work via mail unless we are specifically asked to do so. Our office tries to minimise any negative impact on the environment in any way we can. Keystone office crew offset our own carbon emissions with schemes here in New Zealand. We also maintain minimum waste policies and we recycle just about everything we can. We are not perfect of course – but our goal is to always narrow the gap between principle and practice.