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Keystone Journeys is lucky to be able to work and partner with some of the best in the world.

Our partners are integral to the creation of our journeys and experiences. Without them, we would not have the local, on the ground knowledge, which provide you with that real insight into the destination you are exploring.

Their knowledge, wealth of experience and dedication to creating excellent travel experiences inspire us to travel differently. They strive to make you discover places away from the normal tracks and roads of a country or continent, and as far as possible, away from the flurries of mass tourism. They know places and people in areas you would never have imagined journeying to. They are experts in their fields, and their penchant for quality have earned them great respect and admiration. Each one possesses the passion to stir your imagination and kindle the “explorer” flame within you.

Partners Worldwide
Through our years in the industry, we have met some of the most inspiring operators out there, and we have been incredibly privileged to be able to work with them, knowing our guests are in the best possible hands. Among their colleagues, they are known as being among the best of the best, and working with people as follows, inspires us and pushes us to create exciting and unique itineraries.
Ultimate Travelling Camp, Mountain Lodges of Peru, Enigma, &Beyond, Anakonda, Aqua Expeditions, Shatki / Banyan,  Volcanoes Safaris, Wild Earth Expeditions, Wilderness Safaris, Viaventure, Delfin, Kicheche Camps, Journey Mexico and many, many more…

Partners for South America Premium Overland Tours
Before beginning their Premium Overland Expeditions in South America, Rachel and Brendan worked for many years running tours, working as tour leaders and guides in South America. It is this knowledge that enables them to create unique, exciting and well thought out itineraries. Their tours are born from a love of South America; a passion for its people, its culture and its landscapes. They make South America accessible to keen travelers who desire a few more creature comforts and quality experiences that what may have previously been on offer. Due to the amount of time they have spent in Latin America they have formed many long lasting friendships with people from all walks of life. These friends share their knowledge and experience, and offer their ideas and support. Through them Rachel and Brendan have learnt about the true spirit of South America. This spirit is reflected in all of their tours. They offer a glimpse into a different world, filled with wonderful people and fascinating cultures. We have partnered with Rachel for our Andes & Altiplano: Bolivia + Chile Escorted Tour.

Partner for Nepal
In 1992, Phil left his native New Zealand, looking for surf in Costa Rica, intending to stay for a only few months. A few months turned into the next 20 years, founding and running adventure tours in Costa Rica, New Zealand, Nepal and other areas in South America. These days, Phil divides his time between Costa Rica and New Zealand. When he’s not looking after his two young daughters, you’ll find him on the river, kayaking or pretending he can still surf. He has dedicated his career to taking ordinary people to extraordinary places. He decided to focus on the things that really matter: great service, knowledge, genuine care for what he does & real expertise in managing the finer details of an experience in Costa Rica. Phil is the Escort for our Essence of Nepal: Himalayan Journey tour.

Partners for Inspired Destinations
Wild Frontiers is an award-winning company, founded by the acclaimed travel writer Jonny Bealby. They are firm believers that travelling is all about the experience and it’s in the details – the places you stay, the transport and route that gets you there, and the people you meet along the way. Wild Frontiers started with a simple premise, hatched high in the mountains of the Hindu Kush, of bringing others to an amazing location, to show them staggering scenery and interesting towns and to introduce them to the fascinating people that live among them. Also by teaming up with carefully chosen Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) – the Hope Foundation in Calcutta, the Ladakh Project, the Mines Advisory Group in Cambodia, Children of the Caucasus in Georgia to name a few – they are also able to help local communities come to terms with their ever-changing environment, provide funds for better water, housing and education and ultimately help to put something back

Partners for Unique Regions
Undiscovered Destinations is a company for whom travel is an all-consuming passion. For them, travel is not simply a business, but a way of exploring and understanding the world and the diverse cultures that inhabit our planet. With UD, we take you places where few other tourists have visited, to of the most interesting and unique regions of the world, to areas that are not yet on the ever growing tourist trail and that still offer something very special to the experienced traveller. You travel to remote lands and meet some of the most intriguing and least visited peoples in the world, you will push the boundaries of travel; for UD, this is real travel – exciting, unknown, rewarding and utterly captivating.

Partners in India & Sri Lanka
THO is committed to bringing the best in quality to custom tours to India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. They concentrate on designing tours that introduce travelers to the amazing complexity of culture and environment. THO strongly believes that tourism is a justifiable activity if it contributes to the protection of flora and fauna, the prevention and repair of environmental degradation, the economic well-being of local communities, the respect and tolerance for local cultures; and they work daily to translate these beliefs into action. They link commercial tourism to local conservation programs working in close cooperation with the organizations in charge of protected areas, managing natural resources and community development. And most of all, they encourage and create opportunities for authentic, meaningful and beneficial cross-cultural interactions between travelers and local people. We have partnered with THO for both our fully Escorted Bhutan Dragon Kingdom tour and our fabulous, fully Escorted Sri Lanka Women Only Tour, Serendip Ceylon

Rian Alexander, Brydie Thompson, Jemma Wilson, Viva Expeditions, Undiscovered Destinations, Wild Frontiers, Wild Earth, Earth Sea Sky, The Safari Company, PNG Touring, Aqua Expeditions, Golden Eagle Train, Napo Wildlife Lodge, MLP,  Zegrahm, &Beyond, Shakti, Silverseas Expeditions,