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India & Asia – India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam.

India is a vast area and is encompassed by what is commonly known as the Indian Sub-Continent which is also made up of Bangladesh, Bhutan & Sri Lanka. Asia is comprised of, among others, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos & Myanmar.

India is steeped in history, is the birthplace of both the Hindu and Buddhist religions and is home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations. It is a true area of contrasts from ancient opulent palaces to overcrowded slums; from young, rich socialites of to street kids and beggars; from stunning mountain scenery to overcrowded cities. There is a huge variety of peoples, languages and religions. 

Asia is is alive with colourful sights & sounds, immensely rich cultural and natural heritage, and offers a wealth of fascinating travel experiences. Asia offers you awe-inspiring ancient and modern architectural wonders, opportunities galore for spiritual enrichment and palate-changing culinary adventures.


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